Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Charles G. Davenport Chapter

Tyler, Texas


This State approved pin commemorates the Cherokee Indians, early settlers to Texas. During the winter of 1819-20, Chief Bowles, with sixty of his men and their families, moved into Texas, settled in Caddo indian country and established his village about fifty miles north of Nacogdoches. He made several attempts to secure a land grant or title to land occupied by Cherokees in East Texas from the Mexican Government. His representatives were in the Mexican capital at the same time as Stephen F. Austin, Green De Witt and others who were hoping to receive colonial grants. In February of 1836 Sam Houston negotiated a treaty with Bowles' council, guaranteeing the tribe possession of lands occupied in East Texas. After the Texas Revolution, however, the treaty was invalidated by the Senate of the Republic of Texas.

There is a legend that the Cherokee Rose grew wherever a mother's tear fell on the ground on the infamous Trail of Tears. Indeed, the roses grow wild throughout East Texas.

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